Departmental Accomplishments

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology’s longstanding vision is to provide comprehensive women’s health care to the diverse population of women residing in the Downtown Bronx and neighboring communities. Our goal is to create a generation of culturally sensitive, scientifically accomplished young obstetrician gynecologists, who in turn will advance women’s health in the communities they serve.

During the last academic year, there were more than 2,400 obstetrical deliveries, including a cesarean section rate of 27%, (nationally 34 %) and more than 2,200 major and minor gynecological surgical procedures conducted.

The successful funding of grant awards to this facility most recently the Ovarian Cancer Awareness ($20,000.00) and the Department of Health Family Planning Grant ($385,000.00) has enhanced resident training and education.

The medical staff is composed of full-time members with academic appointments in obstetrics and gynecology to Weil Cornell Medical College. The senior faculty has been stable and loyal to the standards established. 

The Department works tirelessly to provide and maintain an environment in which residents, junior faculty and faculty mentors can thrive in their pursuit of new knowledge. We have integrated basic science and translational research into the department’s clinical culture and weekly educational grand rounds.  A shared vision has been created and included the departmental research goal as well as a research component to the departmental mission statement. The result has been the creation of effective multidisciplinary approaches to solving the complex issues of women’s and perinatal diseases. 

We are proud of our nationally recognized accomplishments, and all members of the program (faculty and residents alike) are committed to foster an environment which continues to enhance the education and experience of the residents. 

No matter the challenge, the optimism for the future of the Department and of the specialty of obstetrics and gynecology is engaging and contagious.  We have a Department that serves women and families with dignity and compassion. Our plans are to further expand and enhance these resources with support provided by the addition of subspecialty staff.