Family Medicine Obstetrics Program

Family Medicine Obstetrics Program

The mission of the Family Medicine Obstetrics Program at the Department of OB/GYN, Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, Bronx, NY is to provide superior training in obstetrics care to family medicine graduates. Two graduates a year are selected to join this one year fellowship.

 Fellows will achieve the following competencies: 

  • Attain competency in routine prenatal care;
  • Attain competency in special prenatal care; 
  • Attain competency in fetal surveillance;
  • Attain competency in management of labor patients;
  • Attain competency in operative obstetrics;
  • Attain competency in newborn resuscitation;
  • Attain competency in postpartum care.

The Fellowship offers Family Medicine Graduates routine and advanced obstetrics skills, including operative obstetrics, while working in a high volume OB service. Graduates from our program have gone on to be very successful. 

To apply to the program, please contact:
Dr. Abraham Hamaoui
Family Medicine Obstetric Fellowship Program
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center
234 149th Street
Bronx, NY 10451
Phone: 718.579.5830

Application deadline is April 15, 2013 with notification by April 28, 2013.